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Eligibility Criteria
A legal person or a firm shall be eligible to be admitted as a Member Firm if the below criteria are fulfilled at the time of admission and during the entire term of membership:
(a) The said legal person or firm is registered with the Accountancy Board in accordance with the Accountancy Profession Act (Cap. 281 of the Laws of Malta);
(b) The said registration has not been suspended, revoked or withdrawn by the Accountancy Board; and
(c) All individuals within the legal person or firm who have a voting right or individuals who fall under the definition of “Principal” as provided for in the Accountancy Profession Act (Cap. 281 of the Laws of Malta), who are eligible to be Members of the Institute, are registered with the Institute as Members.
Provided  that, in duly justified circumstances, Council shall enjoy discretion to waive the fulfilment of criteria (c) above.

Benefits and Obligations of Membership
Refer to the following link to view the Benefits and Obligations associated with membership.  

A member firm can describe itself as a Member Firm of the Malta Institute of Accountants.

Proof  of Membership
A Certificate of Membership will be issued upon approval.

Applying for Firm Membership
Fill in and submit the following form
An initial registration fee and subscription fee for the year need to be paid after submission of the application form.
Vetted application forms (after settlement of payment) are subject to Council's approval. A formal notification will be sent to you to communicate Council's decision. 

Applicable Fees
  • Initial Registration Fee (non-refundable): €100 
  • Initial Subscription Fee (refundable if application is not approved) covering the period from the date of application till 31 December: €350

Annual Subscription Fee covering 1 January - 31 December: €350
Member Firms are regulated by the Statute and Bye Law 1: Member and Member Firms Bye-Law
For more detailed information about firm membership, kindly refer to both the Statute and Bye-Law. 


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