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Be part of our community of Professional Accountants in Malta


Eligibility Criteria
  • Be of good standing.
  • Have an accountancy qualification other than the ones specified for Associate Members.
  • Have successfully obtained a warrant to practice the profession of accountant or auditor in a country other than Malta.
  • Have a valid work permit (where applicable).
  • Are undertaking accountancy/audit related work in Malta in terms of the Accountancy Profession Act and related Regulations.
  • Reside in Malta till the end of a calendar year or indefinitely.


Eligibility Criteria
  • Be of good standing.
  • Have an ACCA or ACA qualification. Local variant examinations are not a requirement; or
  • Have a Masters in Accountancy qualification issued by the University of Malta; or
  • Have a qualification equivalent to the University of Malta’s Masters degree which is also recognised by the Accountancy Board for the purpose of obtaining the local warrant and be a member of a professional accountancy/audit body in the country of origin.
  • Reside in Malta or have a permanent link in Malta.

Benefits of Membership
Refer to the following link to view the Benefits associated with membership.  

Designation letters that can be used after your name

IAIA (Short for International Associate of the Institute of Accountants). 
AIA (Short for Associate of the Institute of Accountants). 
Applying for Membership
Fill the IAIA or AIA membership application form and submit it along with the required supporting documentation and payment of the relevant fees
Applications are reviewed internally and are approved by Council.
Renewal of International Associate membership from one year to the next will be subject to review. The eligibility criteria must continue being met in order for the membership to be renewed.
Renewal of Associate membership will be automatic subject to the payment of the relevant annual subscription fee.

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