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Mr John Falzon

Terms: 1965 – 1966, 1968 – 1970, 1973 – 1975
Milestone: First and longest-serving President of the Institute. Represented the Institute during a conference in New Delhi in 1975.

Mr Joseph N. Tabone

Terms: 1966 – 1966, 1982 – 1985
Milestone: Worked to strengthen MIA’s current international connections and to steer the Institute during the challenging period of the early 80s.

Mr Anthony H. Camilleri

Terms: 1966 – 1968
Milestone: The only President to come from the civil service, where he was later appointed accountant general.

Mr Charles J. Sammut

Terms: 1970 – 1972
Milestone: The editor of the Institute’s first journal, the Malta Accountant from 1959 - 1969.

Mr Sydney Barbara

Terms: 1972 – 1973
Milestone: Resigned in 1973 to take up high-level positions with the Government.

Mr Carmelo Mizzi

Terms: 1975 – 1977
Milestone: Worked hand in hand with his successor for the Institute to join IFAC.

Mr Albert E. Vella

Terms: 1977 – 1979
Milestone: Signed the agreement with IFAC at the International Congress of Accountants.

Mr Francis X. Naudi

Terms: 1979 – 1982
Milestone: Negotiated tough issues, including the Institute’s recognition and the Government’s taxation policy.

Mr Frederick Mifsud Bonnici

Terms: 1985 – 1988
Milestone: Sat for 32 years on council. Worked hard with his successor to join FEE.

Mr Lino Casapinta

Terms: 1988 – 1991
Milestone: Negotiated and signed the agreement for the Institute’s admission to FEE.

Mr Andrew L. Manduca

Terms: 1991 – 1993
Milestone: Led the Institute through the years of Malta’s becoming a financial centre.

Mr Charles Rapa

Terms: 1993 – 1995
Milestone: Continued working on the path set by his predecessor.

Mr John B. Zarb

Terms: 1995 – 1997
Milestone: Was often behind the scenes on technical issues and regulation.

Mr Anton Borg

Terms: 1997 – 1999
Milestone: Highlighted the Institute’s relationship with business.

Mr Steve K. Cachia

Terms: 1998 –  2001
Milestone: Pressed for the promotion of the profession as a career choice. Started process for joint exam with ACCA. Held the Institute’s first Biennial Conference.

Mr Benjamin Rizzo

Terms: 2001 –  2003
Milestone: Worked hard on education, and concluded agreements with ACCA and BPP.

Mr Anthony Zarb

Terms: 2003 –  2005
Milestone: Devised a holistic structure for the rationalisation of the profession and its organs.

Mr Mario P. Galea

Terms: 2005 –  2007
Milestone: Worked hard in the fields of ethics and education, and presided the discussion for a new standard for small entities.

Mr Simon Flynn

Terms: 2007 –  2009
Milestone: Pressed forward the launching of GAPSE, the Institute’s customised standard for small entities in Malta.

Mr Bernard G. Scicluna

Terms: 2009 –  2011
Milestone: Dealt with a number of technical issues, including the audit of small companies. Hosted the IAASB SMP Forum in Malta.

Mr Anthony Doublet

Terms: 2011 –  2013
Milestone: Proposed new ideas for a vision and way forward for the Institute.

Ms Maria Micallef

Terms: 2013 –  2015
Milestone: First woman to be elected President of MIA. Led the Institute through the 50th anniversary of the merger and launched the project for the publication of a history of the Institute.

Mr Franco Azzopardi

Terms: 2015 –  2017
Milestone: Worked hard to promote ethics and integrity during a period where the local profession was going through a challenging time.

Mr william Spiteri Bailey

Terms: 2017 –  2019
Milestone: Carried out a number of visits to accountancy and audit firms in line with the Institute’s ongoing initiative to stay close to accounting professionals.

Mr Fabio Axisa

Terms: 2019 - 2021
Milestone: Strived to make the voice of the accountancy profession heard on all matters including those in relation to Covid-19, grey-listing and the profession’s reputation, as well as resourcing constraints. Introduced the International Associate Member scheme for foreign accountants residing and working in Malta. Vociferously expressed the importance of elevating the quality of the profession, worked on enhancing the education process and put a lot of effort to ensure that all qualified professional accountants in Malta felt welcome by the Malta Institute of Accountants.


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