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Changes to the CPE Regulations (effective as 1 Jan 2017)
The MIA CPE Regulations have been updated to reflect changes in the procedures relating to CPE exemptions and re-entry to the profession after a period of CPE exemption. These changes are applicable with effect from 1 January 2017. 
Procedure - CPE exemptions 
Members are now no longer required to apply for a CPE exemption prior to the condition giving rise to the CPE exemption taking place. Instead they are required to self-assess the circumstances giving rise to CPE exemption and the number of hours to be undertaken (based on the period out of the profession) and declare it retrospectively at year end via the CPE return. It is important to retain evidence of your exemption for a period of five years since it may be requested by the Institute during its monitoring exercise.
Procedure - Re-entry to the Profession
The conditions for re-entry into the profession after a CPE exemption covering a period of two or more years still apply. However, Members are no longer required to fill in a form notifying the Institute prior to re-entry into the profession but are required to inform the Institute retrospectively at year-end through the online CPE Return. Members are still required to keep records and evidence of action undertaken to satisfy the requirements for re-entry into the profession as these may eventually be requested during the Institute’s monitoring exercise. 
In this regard, please note that the following forms are no longer valid and have been removed from circulation: 
  • CPE Exemption Form 
  • Form B 
  • Re-entry to the Profession Form 
  • Form C 
The Institute is currently updating its online CPE return for it to accommodate the changes above. Any exemptions / re-entry into profession taking place in 2017 need to be reported through the system by end of 2017 / beginning of 2018.
To download a copy of the revised CPE Regulations, kindly click here. The CPE FAQs have also been updated accordingly. 
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